Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello and Welcome...

Hello, this is my LEGO Club blog that I'm sharing with my son. We want to share all the cool things we do with LEGO bricks, including running a LEGO Club from our house, and also showing some of the cool stuff we like to design and build.

This is an intro from my son (I'll get him up and running soon so he can post his own content:)

"I'll show you some of my favorite LEGO toys (like Architecture, Atlantis, Castle, City, Creator, Duplo, Ferrari, Holiday, Indiana Jones, monthly projects, Soccer, my Lego Club, Pirates, self-built (MOC), Star Wars, and Technic) and I'll discuss them with you here.

These are my four different LEGO Architecture toys. They are the John Hancock Center, the Sears Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, and the Empire State Building. I'd like to get the Guggenheim Museum but I'm still saving up for it.
Lego Architecture modelsJohn Hancock Tower, Sears Tower, Seattle Space Needle, Empire State Building
LEGO Soccer
This is the oldest LEGO toy that I own. I like to play it with my friends.
Lego Soccer toyYou can actually play soccer with this!
My LEGO Club
I have a LEGO club with some of my friends and we build Legos together to have fun. Next week's theme is "Your Favorite Scene From Star Wars."

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  1. Hi! We have this soccer set too, it's so cool! Do you know it's name, or origin? It's number? I hope you can tell me!