Saturday, April 17, 2010

LEGO Club Creations from April 15th

Our theme for today's LEGO Club was "My Own Creation" or MOC. We decided to make group projects. They were truly inspired (and very cool)! Here they are:

The LEGO house
"I love it. It has a bed for the girl and the boy. And the puppy is only allowed inside the house."

Suburban meadow with waterfall
There's a waterfall that falls down into a river with an island in the middle of it, and goes out to the sea over the edge of the board. There are two houses, some telephone poles, some citizens of the meadow, and a marshmallow tree in the middle.

The LEGO house near a volcano
The left side is the front of the house with a tree house in the front yard. The right side is the backyard, a garden with carrots, a bridge over a river of lava, and the garage at the back. There's also a chimney on the house with smoke coming out of it.

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